What? Do you even know what RNA is?
Keegan Paul Lanzillotta

Modern science does not completely understand what mRNA nor what DNA is and how they function.

We all begin as single cell. As we grow and change over time, fingers form. How does a single cell know it must become a part of finger? How does a single cell know when to become a finger cell? How can these cells know how to form four fingers and an opposing thumb (for most people, anyway)?

No one fully understands and can answer these questions.

In absence of complete knowledge, speculations, even wild speculations, should not be viewed as ludicrous. Once a complete understanding is known, then we will know what is ludicrous and what is not.

You are suggesting I am not permitted to be wrong. You are suggesting only respected scientists are granted your permission to be in error. You are actually supporting my claim, in a way, because you are defending a scientific dogma that admits it does not possess a complete understanding of how mRNA and DNA function.

I encourage you to read up on Dr. Barry Marshall’s work with Helicobacter Pylori. He faced a great deal of initial push-back from the scientific community when trying to explain how this bacterium is linked to gastritis. Even scientists, can be very ant-like.

Scientific breakthroughs usually come about by pursuing a question the prevailing scientific dogma views as ludicrous.

I may be wrong about mRNA (this doesn’t bother, really it doesn’t), but the fact remains, human society is eerily similar to ant society.

Please provide your theory to explain the similarities, since mine is clearly inadequate in your view.

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