The Rise of Transnational Governance
Joshua Hehe

Seeing The Forest: Illegal Immigration

Almost, Joshua, almost; Personal Journal Entry, #56

April 5, 2017:

We are already Global Citizens. Building a wall to keep out people from the south is an impractical solution. Had democrats embraced stopping illegal immigration the right, perhaps Hillary would have won. The right way:

  1. Mandatory sentencing of 5 years incarceration minimum, no parole, for business owners and members of the Board, if convicted of employing even one illegal anywhere in the company.
  2. Immediate confiscation of all personal property of same, returned if found innocent. Money was acquired through exploiting illegal immigrants, who cannot protect themselves from adverse treatment by employers, (they may be deported).

If the jobs disappear, they will not come here. Problem solved without a wall.

Anger was directed at migrants, but they come here to work. They need jobs, a chance at a better life. They are no different than us. They do not expect benefits. Many are afraid to attempt to get benefits. Many pay into SS and Medicaid, but will never draw any money from the system.

Many flee because of high crime in their country. California addressed gang activity by deporting gang members back to their home countries. Connections created between countries in the south and gang members not yet caught in California. Short-term, California politicians looked good. Gang activity decreased. Long-term, they solidified a drug pipeline. And, created a child-migration — they were fleeing for their lives, the answer is not a wall — no true Christian would support a wall.

Politicians do not float the notion of draconian measures against business people. Sharks rarely attack each other. Lawyers rarely sue each other. Our government is filled with sharks and lawyers and they will not discuss solutions that will actually work if it is detrimental to their kindred.

Raising up countries south of the border is better. No one wants a wall between US and Canada. If standard of living in Mexico, etc., were the same as Canada, no immigrant problem. Best possible solution, help your neighbors and you help yourself.

This is the reality of our Global Citizenship. We are global citizens, like it or not, and the rest of the world cannot be shut out.

For this country to be ‘truly great,’ ordinary citizens must know, respect, and enforce the law. Leaders are useless. Documents, must be respected. Our country was not founded by a King. It was founded with documents. Political differences must be set aside when it comes to the law. If a politician you support breaks the law, he must be held accountable even if he is your greatest advocate. The law is much more important.

Comey could be the son of God, and I would still demand his removal. He violated the Hatch Act by having two press conferences within 60 days of an election. Purpose. Intent. Established by action. US people let it slide, we invite a future hell. Judiciary is the only mechanism to keep tyranny in check. No degradation of the judiciary should be tolerated.

Possible to build organizations using our countries founding as a template. Organization driven by immutable documents, with checks and balances. Sub-governments. Like the big international organizations — CEOs not elected to governments — but strongly influence the governments of many countries. The people who really rule this world.

Nixon was a criminal; his secret war — never tried. The CIA have been the biggest drug dealers on the planet. No jail time for this gangs criminal activity. Strongest military nation, never answers to anyone else — leaders do as they damn well please.

Answer is many small business organizations created to do what government should be doing. Document driven. Controlled by consumers as well as investors. Not to maximize profit, but to maximize change while still being profitable enough to remain viable. You vote with your dollars. Every time you flip a light switch, you provide money to about 4 large international companies. Cui bono? Follow the money, you find true power. Legal guerrilla warfare — business, is war. Business controls government. The revolution begins when elites study business accounting, learn how to use a spreadsheet, and, start getting their hands dirty.

Raise awareness by example. Ideas devoid of action are a useless — a distraction.

Piety, has callouses.

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