Thanks for the Hearts

I measure my progress as a writer by dividing my “Recommends” by my “Reads”:

59/310 = 0.1903

Or, a 190 medium batting average. Similar to baseball. I had 310 “at bats” — or on Medium; 310 people actually read what I have written. I had 59 “hits” — or on Medium; 59 people clicked the heart icon green. Numbers apply to the previous 30 days.

Last time I checked, I was around 170. I am improving. Continuously improving is more important than the number itself. We all suck when we begin to learn a new skill. Focusing on how much we improve will keep discouraging thoughts at a distance. My Medium batting average is my preferred stat for tracking progress.

The Hearts mean a lot to me. It means the reader gets what I have written. Hearts lead to followers; the reason I write. I wish to connect with people who think the way I do. Not everyone will understand me no matter how much my writing improves and that is ok. Medium has a lot of users — I need only reach my people. Many of my ideas and theories are actionable. If I can reach enough people who think the way I do, we could literally change the world.

My sincere thanks to everyone who hearted something I have written. Please know when I receive an email informing me a reader has recommended what I have written, it always brightens my day. Thank you.

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