White Male Supremacy: Better Get Used To It Sweetie, It’s Here To Stay

Intended to be humorous — many will not laugh: (Personal Journal Entry, #25)

February 28, 2017:

People whining about inequality can’t see the forest for the trees.

Sure, there is inequality — they have a point — but so what? They don’t have a solution, so they protest, write about it, bitch and moan — gives them emotional release — a catharsis.

White males over 6' tall — unquestionably, are the most elite dominant group on the planet. I finally figured out why.

Someone took a razor to their dicks when they were babies.

Yep, there’s your answer. Circumcision correlates amazingly well with this group. No wonder the United States has enough military power to blow up the world many times over — males, and especially white males, were mutilated fresh from the oven and have been subconsciously pissed-off ever since.

No wonder, women make less than their male counterparts.

“Ooooh, so you make a wittle wess money — boohoo — someone took a razor to my dick — don’t hear you whining about that — no outrage for the horror I endured — so why I should give a shit about your ‘inequality’?”

It is a hard, cold fact that the men who rule this world — the most powerful ones — were mutilated as babies.

Payback, bitches.

And, most of them are over 6' tall. That means, you self-pitying, crybaby- women want to be dominated. You might be friends with the compassionate do-gooder male who is your height or shorter, but when it comes time to vote — your banging the strong outlaw over 6' tall. Even though you know he is going slap you around, cheat on you, and treat you like dirt, you love him — you just can’t help it. (Donald Trump, 6'2")

So get used to it. And, be sure and circumcise your son when he is born — let’s keep it going.

Our mothers and grandmothers raised the assholes in charge — think about it.

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