The tape deck review


I love tapes. Have always and will always.

From the start when I was very little I have recorded stuff onto them. Growing up with a grandpa who loved listening to old tango records on cassette he always had four or five tape recorders laying around for me to play with.

Also the only recorded sounds of my father are on tape. He “disappeared” one day going to work when we lived in Lima, Peru. This was back in the late 70s and we were political refugees from Argentina. But that’s another story.

Back to tapes


As a kid I would stand there amazed looking at my grandpas wall of tapes, each one different from the other. Each one with unique sounds on them telling stories. I would play with my younger sister that we had a radio show. It contained all sorts of (for my 10 year old self) important things like:

1. Grown up news (like something important sounding that had happened in the real world)

2. Music that I enjoyed, and

3. A review (usually latest issue of some comic I read)

I will skip topic number 1 and stick to what I do best, 2 and 3, mainly about instrumental beats I enjoy.

Keep listening