A Liberal's Defense of GMOs
Saul of Hearts

I applaud you for doing your homework on GMO’s and conveying some truth on the subject matter. I would almost agree with your conclusion, with the exception that organic agriculture in its self is not sustainable.

GMO’s are not the only distraction created by the Food Movement which are blatant lies.

  1. Farmers don’t make processed foods. Food companies make processed foods. No farmer would abuse one of their animals. 97% of all farms in America are family-owned. At scale the technologies they deploy don’t find ways to hurt the animals, the exact opposite is true. The more a farmer can invest in making his animals happy and healthy, the better quality the end result and the more money the potentially can make.
  2. Farm subsidies have nothing to do with people eating processed foods and unchecked fast food marketing. Farm subsidies were created and still exist today to insure this country never loses its food supply. Without subsidies and crop insurance our farmers would be subject to incredible speculation (mostly weather related) that would create problems far worst the than the financial crisis of 2008.
  3. The use of artificial flavorings, sweetness, and colors in foods had nothing to do with trying to fatten up people and make them sick. They were developed to extend the shelf-life of food at a time when fresh farm products became less accessible to urban dwellers. As the logistics systems improve and new technologies such as Flavr Savr are developed these ingredients become less important. However, they don’t make people sick and they don’t turn people into zombies with uncontrollable appetites. Obesity is more far more heavily impacted by electronic technologies (TV, Tablets, Phones), that these ingredients. Put the electronics away and make certain excercise is part of your daily regime.
  4. The perception of fresh produce deserts in urban environments is a myth perpetrated by the Food Movement. Food follows demand and as urbanites demand fresh produce from grocers they stock it and provide it to their customers. After all they are in the business of making money. Like most movements the original premise gets twisted as it grows. Organic farming and the foods they produce are fine for those that can afford it, but they are far more expensive to produce and the war they have waged against conventional farming has done more to hurt the masses eat healthier than help them. The fearmongers have now chased people away from eating healthy, safe and less expensive GMO grown crops because they have created a perception GMO’s are unhealthy and unsafe. See Jimmy Kimmel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzEr23XJwFY

The reality of organics today is simply a false narrative so marketers can charge more money and chef-owner restauranteurs have a reason to gouge you for their artistic plate presentation. Welcome to the world of fashion and glamour. Not a very liberal, progressive or social premise, is it?

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