How to be become an expert in Code

Being an expert at something is a thing that most of us aspire to be. The biggest myth is that expertise is somehow unattainable and a select few are deemed worthy to hold such a status.

Here is the thing, everyone can be an expert and in reality you don’t have to know everything to be an expert. You simply need to know more than most people. Expert status is not absolute it’s relative. The people you think are experts will have people that they look up to as experts and the chain goes on and on.

Am not going to give you a grocery list of things you should learn as I think they are enough guides online that already do that. What am going to share with you is just some pure practical advice.

Reaching an expert level in any field is a bit like spotting a unicorn, we all constantly chase and dream to become experts in our niche the moment you think you are one there’s someone else better. One thing we can do which is one of the most crucial is constantly “do something of value every day that brings you one step closer to attaining expertise”. It can be starting a personal project, doing freelance on platforms like upwork, fiverr, taking up extra work in office projects, or simply solving challenging problems on places like stackoverflow. Having a purpose and a deliverable forces to take proactive action to learn something and retain the knowledge.

Get involved in open source projects. They are quite a number of prominently git repositories that have packages that are used regularly by many cooperation, individuals for personal or freelance purposes. Join one that sparks a cord in you and that you fancy. Actively contribute to it as this would be the next best thing as to creating your own project.

Be receptive to new ideas and change don’t get cocky stay humble, this will allow you to adapt and be open to new paradigms and ways of doing things.

Get a mentor, it can be a couple of them those that you deem experts. Spend more time with them and extract as much knowledge as you can. Each one brings something to the table that you think has value to you and study their best work. Dont be afraid to reach out and ask for mentorship or help. If you follow the right experts and absorb the right material e.g books, blogs, online courses, and talks, you’ll feel more like an expert yourself. It will take many man hours perhaps years, but am sure you will feel proud of the amount of knowledge you would have attained.

Learn, implement, teach , repeat

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