What Makes You Better Beyond "I"

/Photo @eduard Militaru On Unsplash/

I looked around and wondered what makes me better, the compounded knowledge of my past or the awareness of what I dint know.

Decision making is key to every individual especially when it involves shaping up your dreams and career within one stroke of a second.

I try to wonder who I am beyond the image I get from an external perspective of what they tell me I am. I don't stop from being myself because it feels liberating not to be responsible to the thoughts and decisions that carry weight in a world that praises limitations at the expense of actually understanding possibilities.

Anytime you get to discover the other human being is less of who your are, does it make you feel better, does it thrust your ego to a new high. Why do we even calibrate individuality on a scale yet we are free of each others identity.

Do we try and define our identity beyond who we are and include other people's definition of who they are to complete our own search of incompleteness. When do we stop the search of who we are outside our congruity.

For me to acknowledge that I'm better than the other it means that I'm more aware than the other person. However where does that leave me as an individual and does that make me pump my ego more, does it make me feel achieved.

We love lying to our reality because it makes us feel normal yet we need to agree deep down we are different. In public we discount our specialty so as to look normal in private we advance ourselves by mastering ourselves more.

It's like we don't know that, self mastery lets the truth align with reality even when it doesn't fit what natural looks like.

We hide under God and religions because we fail to take in the truths about life. We have refused to deconstruct what has made us weak because being strong makes us different, and different comes with heavy responsibility.

We use life inadequacies to prove why we can't change because we are incapacitated for achievements and fear to be too successful because we see it as unnatural. We have labelled what success is under God and under religion because it makes us feel normal and it also makes us discount ourselves from achievements.

What is holding me back is only my foolishness and probably ignorance, I'm hard at myself because great things don't come without discipline and commitment. I don't fear change or taking risks because my reward is on the other side of hard work or loss.

Dont contemplate on getting to a place where you no longer hold the cards of life choices. When all the choices we had are depleted then we get a dead end and as long as you are breathing don’t lie to yourself that is the end.

The only end I’m aware about is when my body becomes self reliant and self governing, when it doesn’t need the mind, the soul, the spirit and the consciousness to exist. In fact I’m looking forward to liberating each part of me to be independent of each other.

That’s the kind of self sufficiency and satisfying freedom I’m looking forward to towards the end.

Everyday I’m existing it gives me a solid reason that, I is still have options on the table. Giving up is the simple and easiest way out and I’m not subscribing to easy because sometimes the simplest way out is through letting fear settle down in you.

Most of us give fear a permanent home because we live obstructing hope to never spring us back to a platform of possibilities.

I'm still not done looking forward to a world that the new order will be based and inspired from a perspective of self enlightenment and self awareness and that will help us be love, show love and share live without limits or boarders.