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DV has been a problem since human beings began co-habitating. If one is going to sour on watching sports because some subset of the athletes are also allegedly engaging in abusive behavior, then that person better also be ready to stop buying goods and services in all walks of life, lest they be exposed as completely hypocritical or retro-fitting their angst towards some previous agenda (i.e. hate the NFL).

Side note for all sports talking heads out there…

When you get whipped up into a rage over pass interference on a Tuesday, and then equally worked up about DV on a Wednesday, and then you’re on to whatever else is the headline on Thursday — you UNDERMINE the importance of every critical social moral subject you address. You lose credibility and, ultimately, you damage the cause you claim to care about because your behavior exhibits the sense that these topics are no more than disposable sports headlines. If it’s only in the news cycle for a day or a week, it must not be worth any extra time or effort — that’s the message you’re putting out into the world. And it’s a shame, because orgs working against DV could really use people’s bandwidth as opposed to just having talk show hosts and hipsters registering their complaints with sports org clumsy DV policies. Talk is cheap.

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