A stroll through Golden Gate Park

The shade from a standing umbrella, its canopy sun-dried and faded to a weak hue of red, provides relief from the heat to the artist. Both his jeans and his oxford shirt are many shades lighter than the vibrant navy blues on his showcased canvases. His clothes easily rest on the borders of his frame, probably well-worn from the many hours of directing brush strokes in front of the same canvases on display. These canvases border a quarter of the circumference of a emptied fountain in the center of Golden Gate Park, shouting the mix of thoughts and emotions in the eyes behind the mirrored, black sunglass lenses of the artist. These paintings are a glimpse into a moment in time, only truly known to the artist, but yet out on display to plead for a connection with passersby.

We took advantage of a beautiful, sunny and clear day in San Francisco to walk around Golden Gate Park. We stopped by the De Young Museum and went up to the Observation Tower, taking in the views. There’s something about views from above a city that’s refreshing to me. You can see the order and layout of a city that’s lost amongst the chaos on the ground level.

View from the De Young Observation Tower
That polygon in the distance is the De Young Observation Tower
Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

June 5th, 2016 — San Francisco, CA