How I got to hang out with Khe of RadReads and a reminder about serendipity

I had a lot of fun having lunch with Khe of RadReads today. I gave him a tour of the Dropbox office and we had a great, wide-ranging conversation about being an Asian American male with immigrant parents, the anxieties of 30 something yuppies, marriage and family, and writing.

I’ve been a fan since I first came across RadReads through this Oprah for Millennials CNN article. The RadReads newsletter has a great collection of thought provoking content, but what drew me in was Khe’s own story, Identity, Privilege, and Subconscious Bias (and Bros), and his own reflections. His posts are vulnerable, relevant, and attuned to the emptiness of a life lived when you place your value and self worth in material achievements, especially of the kind that society deems as “successful”. That type of mindset is a pit that ironically gets deeper and harder to get out of the more “success” you have.

Here are some of Khe’s posts that initially hooked me.

On living life with intentionality:

On not living a life based on others’ perceptions:

And especially this post on our own inane, internal dialogue that produces unwarranted anxiety:

As a side note, I found this line so honest and hilarious:

I proceeded to get blackout drunk with my best friends in the world on a night that we still talk about half a decade later.

Read the full post and in context, this line will make you laugh out loud, especially if you’ve been there before.

Anyway, I got to meet up with Khe by sliding into his DMs on Snapchat.

I saw that Khe was in SF through his Snapchat Story. I messaged him to see if he’d be willing to grab lunch with a random stranger at the Dropbox office.

I wish I had taken a screenshot of the initial Snapchat message I sent him, but I said something like:

Hey, saw that you’re in SF! Would you be up for a free lunch at Dropbox HQ?

To my surprise, he was up for it and the timing worked out!

I really enjoyed our serendipitous conversation and it was a great reminder that sometimes, maybe most of the time, the highlight of your day is something you never planned or expected.

Maybe that’s how life works.

April 4th, 2017 — Redwood City, California