The Only 5 Texts You Can Send to Your Korean Girlfriend’s Mother

Congratulations, you’re in a texting relationship with your Korean Girlfriend’s mother. This is a big step. It shows that your Korean Girlfriend’s mother doesn’t think your relationship with her daughter is a waste of time.

Any texts you initiate with your Korean Girlfriend’s mother will revolve around these five events: her birthday, Christmas, Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), New Years, and Mother’s Day. Each of these days has a very specific message you can send.

1.) Her Birthday

Happy birthday! I wish you health! *

생신 축하드려요 🎉🎁🌻! 건강하세요 🌞!

(seng shin chook ha duh yuh yo! gun gahng ha seh yo!)

*I wish you health is going to be something you’ll be texting a lot. Koreans love saying this, after everything. Get used to it. Also, emojis. Use emojis.

Put her birthday in your calendar and set a reminder to send out this text at 10 am. It’s not only important that you send this text on the exact date of her birthday, but also before noon. When you send her a birthday text at 10 am, she’ll be pleasantly surprised by the promptness of the message and you’ll receive bonus points for being thoughtful. If you send her a birthday text at 3 pm or later, she’ll think that you sent the text out of obligation because your Korean Girlfriend reminded you to do so.

2. Christmas

Merry Christmas! Hope you have a joyous Christmas. I wish you health.

메리 크리스마스! 🎄🎄 즐거운 성탄절 되세요. 건강하세요.

(Merry Christmas! jil guh oohn sung tahn jul deh seh yo. gun gahng ha seh yo.)

This is an easy text to send. Just send it any time on Christmas because your Korean Girlfriend’s mother will assume you are busy with your own family Christmas Day. She’ll be very busy herself cooking, rearranging decorative garlands, and cleaning because her church group is coming over at 5 pm for dinner. She may or may not notice the text until 10 pm.

3. Chuseok

I am sending you my best regards for Chuseok! I wish you health!

추석을 맞아 안부 전해드리네요! 🍁🍄😀 건강하세요!

(Chuseok uhl mah ja ahn bu jun heh duh le neh yo! gun gahng ha seh yo!)

Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving. I don’t know what date it is because it changes every year since it’s based on the lunar calendar. It’s sometime in September. Just Google it and set a reminder for yourself.

If you live close to your Korean Girlfriend’s mother, you’ll probably go out to eat together (if your Korean Girlfriend’s parents deem your relationship as serious) and she may even give you some songpyeon (rice cakes filled with red bean or sesame seeds). Bonus points if you can remember the word, songpyeon. If she gives you a bag of rice cakes, you’ll blow her mind if you say, “Thank you for the songpyeon!”

I want to interject here and let you know that aside from these five specific days, the only other text you will ever need to know how to send is the formal “Yes” in Korean: 네. Your Korean Girlfriend’s mother will only text you leading declaratives and statements that imply and expect you to say yes.

Here’s an example text you might receive from your Korean Girlfriend’s mother:

4. New Year’s Day

I hope you have a joyous new year. I wish you health.

행복한 새해 되세요. 🌟😄🎈 건강하세요.

(heng bok han seh heh deh seh yo. gun gahng ha seh yo)

New Year’s is a big day for Koreans. Koreans (our parents’ generation) don’t really do the whole get wasted on New Year’s Eve thing. New Year’s is sacred to older Koreans because it signifies that they lived to see a new year. The Korean War wasn’t too long ago (early 1950s) and Koreans from our parents’ generation grew up knowing that hard times were very recent. Staying alive to see another year was an achievement. With that in mind, do not text them at midnight to wish them a happy New Year. This is probably not something you would ever think of doing now, but chances are, you’ll probably be drinking when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve and you may think it’s a good idea then to text your Korean Girlfriend’s mother. Restrain yourself. First of all, you should never text your Korean Girlfriend’s parents past 8:30 pm. Second of all, at midnight, you’ll probably mistype your message and it’ll be embarrassing. Finally, the last person your Korean Girlfriend’s mother wants to receive a text from at midnight is from you. She’s probably asleep and getting a push notification with your name on it that late will make her think something is horribly wrong, just don’t do it.

5. Mother’s Day

I wish you a cheerful mother’s day! I wish you health!

즐거운 어머님 날 되세요! 💐💐💐 건강하세요!

(jil guh oohn uh muh nee nal deh seh yo! gun gahng ha seh yo!)

Send flowers with a card. You can write the card in English, it’s fine. Just send the text in Korean.

One last note. If you’re texting with her through KakaoTalk, that’s a good sign. Your Korean Girlfriend’s mother only texts her inner circle of family and her church group through KakaoTalk. iMessage is generally reserved for upcoming sale notifications from Neiman Marcus or one off interactions, but hey, any texting relationship with your Korean Girlfriend’s mother is a good sign for your relationship.

December 2nd, 2016 — Redwood City, California

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