Designing My Citizen Science Plant Health App

Idea Behind the App

The purpose of this app was to create a space for the everyday user to help collect data for Citizen Science research. I had concerns that people would oppose to conducting voluntary research which is why I really aimed for an easy-going style. The overall design was soft and flower-based in hopes that people would be drawn to the light-hearted nature of the app. As mentioned in my video, I really wanted a social feel rather than just a research-based technology. I wanted a wide array of people to use it and for it to be easy to use. Included in the app were features such as community forums, leaderboards, and social media outlets which provided an enjoyably cooperative vibe. Through the app, information such as clusters of like species, location of plants, size of plants, and lots more can be obtained and easily passed on to the scientists at Citizen Science.

Original brainstorming notecards and eventual app interfaces.

Application Design Process

My stary was a tad slow as I struggled with bridging the gap between providing helpful research for Citizen Science while simultaneously allowing the user to enjoy their experience. Nothing helped more than brainstorming, on my notecards, some potential ideas and interfaces as pictured to the left. In the end, I found a great design that benefited both parties. I encountered problems with the video display for my app. My app had a multitude of features and could have easily spanned a 5-minute presentation. However, and maybe for the best, it was condensed into a 90 second hands-on demonstration.


The overall premise for this project was stellar. Starting with a problem, brainstorming solutions, and eventually creating an app that is both fun and beneficial to science is a great success. Unfortunately, I was not completely sold on the topic for which the app was focused. It was not overly relatable to myself, but, nonetheless, I was overjoyed with my final product. I felt that my app was very applicable and has great potential. Using POP went quite smoothly and it was a great experience to actually be able to use my own app on both my phone and computer as documented in the picture below and displayed in my product demonstration here: Overall, it was an awesome project that I felt very accomplished with.

Standard layout for interacting with my app on my laptop through POP.
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