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Those Who Only Take

djemal ua
djemal ua
May 17 · 1 min read

your belief resides in

taking, a love that does

not give, but only lends

at extortionate rates

a thief with hands sticky

like fly paper, stealing

devotional art works

leaving walls and floors bare

a one way river of

love funneling love deeds

toward a waterfall

a mile tall, concrete walls

crushed under worker tongues,

pooled, parked without receipt

no way back, no refunds

or exchange, just forfeit

patience pummeled, right hook

uppercut, head shook, eye

cut, towel thrown into ring,

a white flag presented

a little light no more,

star broken, choked until

passed out, like cigarettes

in hands of non-smoker

like the critic who slates,

the uncreating kind,

the professionally

accomplished assassin

djemal ua

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djemal ua

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