we’d saddled ourselves with a set of tools which often proved unstable and got in the way of getting our work done
Choosing Ember over React in 2016
Jesse Pollak

I initially liked React, it just seemed to click with me. I had previously looked into Ampersand and that seemed great as well and I managed to get it working with React. Then I went down the rabbit-hole of Redux (to replace Ampersand). It has some interesting ideas but it just keeps getting in the way of actual work getting done. And and the terminology“side-effect” bugs the heck out of me. A “side-effect” usually means lack of strong cohesion, maybe it’s just a bad name but the whole workflow to fetch and post data to the server seems _so_ convoluted in redux.

I saw a tweet notification for this article on my phone, googled it on my desktop, found a different and related article, and now I’m seriously considering Aurelia. I’m literally spending tomorrow to investigate.

So thank you for this article..

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