Six Near-term Trends Influencing The Business of Marketing
David Armano

Good piece as usual. I tackle a lot of this in my book and I agree, most of the ecosystem at brands or agencies isn’t there because many are tied to hierarchical org models, hourly billing rates and treat everything like a campaign or “program” rather than ever flowing.

In terms of being your own media company, this now requires skills most in marketing do not have (live video, audio production, hell, even street art) and many orgs are filled with conductors who don’t know what goes into the work so even when they outsource for it, they don’t know timing, delivery dates, billings, etc. It’s a big issue as we move from a world of “it better work” to one of “create by doing and then try again.”

In terms of influencers, you are so spot on in that influencers don’t want to take money and then talk up products they don’t use. This is why companies of all shapes and sizes have influencers they can use to not only amplify the products, but redefine them in new feedback loops. This is a blurring between company employees and outsiders most conformist marketers are unwilling to take.

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