It seems CLT’s pitch continues to be low cost, low taxes and lack of regulation (no unions, and…
Brent Gilroy

Brent —

Thank you for your thoughtful reply (and for being first to respond to my charge). In firm agreement with you about the city’s/regional “branding” issue, new direction(s) it could/should take, and the feeling of imminent dread/ambiguity around what might come down the highway from Raleigh.

You’ve probably noticed that the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has recently rebranded (to C2), and advertised a new charge/focus on attracting and supporting entrepreneurs and innovative businesses. Meanwhile, just down the way from C2/at the government center, new city manager Marcus Jones claims an eye to supporting that holistic rebrand of CLT through the recent efforts of his closest people and teams. (He’s also proposed in the city budget for FY18 that the city’s lowest paid employees make $15/hour, and that all city employees have access to more health care benefits — setting the bar/an example in response to the Task Force’s recommendations/national conversation about wages being commensurate with cost of living). All this to say — as many unknowns as possibilities. A glass half — , maybe?