I’ve written about how we must design and plan our cities effectively to solve many of the social, economic and environmental concerns we currently face. I’ve started to look at solutions from increasing the density of our cities and towns to the levels seen in continental Europe to improving the quality and quantity of public transport, cycling and walking infrastructure.

The previous solutions may have sounded obvious, more bike paths, better buses, something that the government or someone else will fix. However, it is finally time for us to sacrifice something and take action as individuals. …

This is not a revolutionary idea, however few towns and cities seem to be implementing this with the scale and will that is required to dramatically improve urban environments and the lives of the increasing numbers of people that inhabit them.

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For me sustainable transport includes walking, mobility aids, cycling, public transport (trains, trams, buses.) The jury is out on new variations such as ‘on-demand’ minibuses, which seem to have greater overlap with taxis and currently take a similar quantity of road space per passenger as private vehicles and taxis. The reverse traffic pyramid shown here provides a fantastic way of rethinking how we move around cities efficiently and how funds should be prioritised to reflect this. …

I began a journey in the past year and a half, fuelled partially by curiosity and partially by necessity. I was curious about how we live, in particular within towns and cities. Why do we inherently like some places and yet feel indifferent to others, when on the surface they appear to provide the same opportunities for work and leisure? Why does where you live affect your likelihood of being obese, lonely or of dying early? …


David Milner

Urbanist, improving our cities using greater density and sustainable transport. Climate change/Air Pollution. MEng Oxon, Academy of Urbanism.

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