Artichoke is considered as a precious medicine and good for health; besides, food from Artichoke is everybody’s favorite. Especially, Artichoke has therapeutic effect in liver treatment because of toxin cleaning from liver, heat — relieving, and thanks to them, people can lower Cholesterol to improve health and skin.

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Describe about Artichoke

Artichoke is a big and perennial herb

  • Trunk: height ranges from 1m to 1,2m, even to 2meters. Trunk is short, vertical and hardy; besides, it also has vertical nicks and white feather.
  • Leaf: large and long, grow alternately, leaf — blade with deep groove and irregular teeth; besides, upside is green while white feather on underside and petiole is big and short. Leaf’s length is 1–1,2meter and width is 50centimeters.
  • Flower: bud in heart shape about 8–15centimeters with calyx, petal, stamen. They are used as vegetable because packing as a cabbage with a lot of nutrition.

Artichoke’s effects in disease treatment

  • Artichoke contains a lot of antioxidant substances: The amount of antioxidant substances in Artichoke is more than other vegetable; some those substances like quercertin (an antineoplastic substance and promote immune system), rutin (augments endurance and strength of capillary wall and osmose, makes them more elastic, prevents vessel bursting), anthocyanin (this natural organic compound can help prevention of ultraviolet rays, infection and cancer), cynarin (this compound is useful for bile), luteolin (prevention aging and encephalitis), silymarin (a strong antioxidant).
  • Artichoke help prevent and treat cancer disease: some experiments from essence of Artichoke leaf have showed that Artichoke can remove dead cells from tissues without threatening to other cells. It can limit reproduction cancer cells such as prostate cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer. (According to some experiments, diet with a lot of antioxidant from Artichoke can help reduce risk of breast cancer).
  • Artichoke regulates bile’s circulation: Artichoke leaf contains an antioxidant substance is called as cynarin. It can regulate bile’s flow in bile-duct system.

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  • Artichoke is good for liver: some experiments have showed that antioxidants cynarin and silymarin in Artichoke which is very good for liver. In the past, Artichoke is usually used as herb instead of medicine in hepatitis and cirrhosis treatment.
  • Artichoke helps improve digestion: Artichoke helps digestion system work well. It is a natural diuretic, improves the function of bile and brings many benefits for liver.
  • Artichoke helps in nausea treatment: if there is any nauseous symptom, you should use Artichoke leaf as a drink. It is very effectively in nausea treatment. Besides, it helps reduce Cholesterol. Chemical compositions from Artichoke will help reduce Cholesterol by controlling HMG-CoA reductase (Cholesterol synthesized composition). They can raise good HDL Cholesterol (protect against heart attack) and lower bad HDL Cholesterol (form pieces on vessel, cause heart attack and stroke).
  • Artichoke contains high amount of fiber: A big Artichoke tree contains a quarter of fiber that is necessary for body every day. #Artichoke_Flower, #Breast_Cancer, #Cancer_Treatment, #Cirrhosis, #Leukemia, #Prostate_Cancer