The First Rule of a Social Entrepreneur…
Rafe Furst

I get the point, but I totally disagree. The idea behind “social enterprise” is that there is a decision-making principle baked into the company that will, at times, maximize the companies intended impact even at the risk of losing money on the table.

If you believed that the markets worked at least in the long-term, then a social enteprise would “favor the long-term”. But while it’s a valid argument — you don’t need to make that argument as a social enterprise. You can literally just throw away the money, because you believe that the principles of your company are a better measurement of overall value, than the market is able to at least currently understand. It should work out to shareholder’s benefit if you’re right, but social enterprises are signalling that they intend to make those gambles.

In that sense, they are creative, and give visionaries a bigger canvas to succeed.