BitWell 1.1: Building on the Bitcoin Blockchain to Encrypt and Decrypt Messages

4 min readJul 5, 2023

Inscribing wishes or secrets within Satoshis. In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has established itself as a trailblazer. However, its potential goes beyond simple transactions and financial gains. Imagine a decentralized platform where you can securely encrypt and decrypt messages, ensuring your communications remain private and tamper-proof.

Welcome to BitWell 1.1, a groundbreaking application built on the Bitcoin blockchain that allows you to inscribe messages and unleash the power of encryption.

The Birth of BitWell 1.1

Do you remember those carefree days of childhood when you would toss a coin into a wishing well, hoping that your deepest desires would come true? Well, prepare to be enchanted once again as BitWell takes that nostalgic concept and catapults it into the world of blockchain technology using the Bitcoin Network. Inspired by the innocence of childhood wishes, BitWell 1.1 emerged as a visionary platform that allows you to send messages and toss a “Bitcoin” into the digital well. Let’s dive into the captivating journey that brought this unique concept to life.

SAM SAGE via — This Podcast is Notable

SamSage.Sats, the brilliant mind behind BitWell, reminisced about the joy of making wishes as a child. One day, while experimenting with shapes using Chat GPT, an idea took hold. The shape he created bore an uncanny resemblance to a well — a symbol of dreams and aspirations. It was then that the vision of BitWell was born: a platform where messages could be sent and a “Bitcoin” could be tossed, mimicking the age-old tradition of wishing wells. Recognizing the immense potential of BitWell, SamSage.Sats reached out to OrdinalOS, the visionary creator of, to share ideas and also DKTRN9NE was very helpful with bringing ideas to the table. This groundbreaking platform allows users to send encrypted messages, effortlessly using a hash algorithm similar to Bitcoin algorithm and gives you the option to inscribed within the Bitcoin blockchain, and toss a “Bitcoin” into the digital well.

How It Works

Using BitWell 1.1 is as simple as making a wish. Users can craft their messages, encrypt them using advanced cryptographic algorithms, and inscribe them within the blockchain. Just like tossing a coin into a physical well, users can metaphorically toss a “Bitcoin” into the digital well, symbolizing their hopes and desires.

Step 1: Open your preferred web browser on your desktop computer.

Step 2: Go to →

Step 3: Change the Background and BitWell color that you perfer.

Step 4: Type your wish or message in the text bar.

Step 5: Once you type your wish click on the ‘Make A Wish’ button and you will see a “Bitcoin” fall into the well, you will hear a sound, and a text box will appear below to copy.

Step 6: Copy the text in the text box to able to inscribe it on → as a text single format if you wish to inscribe it on chain.

Step 7: Once you are on go to the top of the page and click on ‘Incribe’, then text. When the page opens up paste the text of the code in the text box and click ‘Next’ to inscribe.

Step 8: You can decrypt your encrypted message on BitWell by copying on the Wish text string and pasting it in decrypt dessage on Bitwell, and you can send secret messages and have them on chain!

Step 9: Enjoy and Hope your wish comes true.

In conclusion

As you embark on your BitWell journey, remember to embrace the magic of decentralized communication and the potential it holds. Let your dreams take flight, knowing that your messages are safeguarded within the Bitcoin blockchain, immutable and tamper-proof.

To stay updated on the latest developments and enhancements to the BitWell platform, be sure to follow SamSage.Sats on Twitter at

SamSage.Sats, the creator of BitWell, shares insightful updates and valuable information to deepen your understanding of this innovative technology.

For more in-depth information and detailed guides on using BitWell, visit the official BitWell Gitbook at

This resource provides comprehensive instructions and further insights into the functionality and features of BitWell.

Unlock the potential of BitWell, make your wishes, and let the power of decentralized communication shape a future where dreams become reality. Embrace the magic, explore the possibilities, and become a part of the BitWell community today.




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