The Show

Each sports season The Show by StatRow will feature a few of the top high school athletes from each sport. Each Friday we will release a new interview via the StatRow app. The goal is to bring exposure to the school, athlete, and most importantly to help fund those sports. By watching these short 2 minute interviews you are doing your part to help schools generate the much needed revenue to support sports.

Most high schools today are struggling to meet their budget numbers and are looking for ways to help off set any shortages. Coaches are tasked with coming up with the extra dollars needed for the kids to play each year. Wouldn’t it be great if coaches could coach and kids could play because of the love of sport? Well that is StatRow’s mission to make it possible for any kid to play any sport because of the love of the game. Our platform allows anyone to view any highlight from any team that joins our network. The Show highlights the top athletes and YOU are doing your part each time you watch a highlight or view an interview.

So download the app today and help us fund youth and high school sports!