translation: “I think, therefore, I am not a git”

12 Top Tips for using git and

After 1 year of consistently using git with, I thought I would share my top pointers and lessons that have helped enhance my git experience so that you do not become a git when using git. The lessons are organized by these categories: speed up your work, find a workflow, debugging tips, and tips for early beginners.

Speed up your work

Meeting Susie Wee, VP & CTO at Cisco DevNet Innovations

What is Cisco DevNet?

Approximately three years ago, Cisco launched DevNet, which is a developer program, providing sandboxes, labs, APIs, and a variety of other tools that help you to produce Cisco-enabled applications to sell and/or use to enhance or manage existing Cisco networks. DevNet is Cisco’s platform to support leading software development integrations with Cisco’s technology.

Cisco’s DevNet conference, DevNet Create, hosted in silicon valley, was a successful opportunity for DevNet to outreach to a new community of developers, especially those unaware that Cisco is not just a hardware provider. The first ever DevNet Create, framed as The IoT and Cloud developer conference…

python’s orientation

: behavior of data types and operations for mutable and immutable objects in python language

The examples and explanations in this post have the following specifications:

environment: vagrant virtual machine with linux 14.04.5 LTS for Ubuntu
language: Python 3.6.1 (default, Nov 17 2016, 01:08:31)
compiler: gcc (Ubuntu 4.8.4–2ubuntu1~14.04.3) 4.8.4

Python docs at describes:

all data in a python program is represented by objects or by relations between objects., further explains this concept in reference to PyObject and PyVarObject:

PyObjectAll object types are extensions of this type. This is a type which contains the information Python needs to treat a pointer to an object as an object. In a normal “release” build, it contains…

a mini tweet bot with multiple features


a step by step process of how the custom shell, arsine, processes the input command ‘ls -l’ and returns output in a terminal emulator.

Bobby Yang, follow @glyif on twitter and github.
David John Coleman II, follow @djohncoleman on twitter and github.

For reference to the code of arsine, it is hosted on github (@glyif , repo simple_shell):

Ancient Roman human goat hybrid that would help or hinder humans at whim

:on the kernel | shell vs. bash | command line vs. terminal | linux vs. unix | operating system vs. ubuntu vs. virtual machine

As daunting as I imagined the task of writing this article would be, it wasn’t worse than the feeling I continually face of having to learn to program software without a solid grasp of the meaning of the aforementioned components and applications. In my Software Engineering training at a bootcamp, when we utilize the above listed applications, I often feel confused as to the differences between each of the different components and systems. My main problem is that I miss the big picture of how my computer software that I utilize is structured and connected to the rest of my…

:on how and why C language allocates memory

Special thanks to Lisa Leung for her editions. You can follow her on github here.

In learning C language, in our studies at a bootcamp, we use the GCC (i.e. GNU Compiler Collection) compiler to convert our C language code into an executable file of code in binary system (i.e. 0’s and 1’s) because 0’s and 1’s can be easily translated into on and off transistors of a circuit board. For more on GCC compiler, check out my article: Computer Compilers: brief introduction. So, when a transistor is off, that translates to a ‘0’ (zero), and a transistor that is…

:do you ever wonder how a computer works?

At a bootcamp, I am being taught to use the terminal command line to use the functions of a computer. In this post I will explain a very basic concept of what happens with a computer when a user types input. In my work so far and in the ways that I explain a computer system, I will be referring to the bash shell program in Mac OS terminal using ubuntu and GNU linux (click the links for wikipedia references on those concepts).

Additionally, to help with my explanation, I’ll use the input command ls *.c as an example of…

$ git add . — all

This post has information on how to establish ssh (secure shell) protocol and how to set up caching your password with https protocol for working with I gathered this information to help myself in my first week of class at a bootcamp. I was tired of repeatedly entering my username and password for working with github from inside my virtual machine using vagrant, virtual box and ubuntu. So I followed these steps myself, and found that other’s needed help with this process because github’s tutorial / help pages were incomplete; each step is explained on separate URLs. Therefore, I…

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