Bluetoothctl Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed

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This error is came from bluetoothctl when trying to connect to and headphones or speakers. After searching all over I finally found a solution, it seems like a common problem but the answer seems hidden under a pile of similar questions.

If you are running Arch Linux and Bluetooth works but speakers of any sort will connect then not connect or just won’t connect.

So after following the Arch Wiki I still could not figure out why my Bluetooth mouse worked but not my speakers. I use bluetoothclt a terminal based control but this will also fix problems with any GUI.

The Fix

Install bluez-hid2hci .

Install bluez-hid2hci

If you have already installed it and it stopped working, reinstall it, not sure why but I just had to do this. I found this solution here.

After running dmsg | grep Bluetooth I noticed hci all over the place so it clicked.

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enable the service to start at boot

If you have got everything installed like bluez pulseaudio-bluetooth and all of their dependencies as well as some sort of Bluetooth control like bluez-utils (bluetoothctl) or a GUI like blueman then installing bluez-hid2hci should get you all fixed up. Make sure you start and enable bluetooth.service

For More Help Check Out Arch Wiki

I am not 100% sure about this. it seemed to work in my case but I have only tried it on my one laptop, but I have done it at least three times from reinstalling Arch after distro hopping.

Hope this helps someone and makes it a bit easier then it was for me to find.

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