10 Panels From This Year’s International Journalism Festival #IJF18 in Perugia You Should Watch

The entire festival was live-streamed and all the videos are available online

The International Journalism Festival in Perugia #IJF18 is over. It was the biggest yet, with more than 700 speakers and 300 sessions. If you missed it, you missed a lot. But here’s the good news: the entire festival was live-streamed and all the videos are available online. Just go here, and you will find all of them. And if you are overwhelmed with the amount, start with this list. I picked 10 panels that I liked the most. Hope it helps:

1. Optimizing journalism for trust, Jay Rosen moderated by Mathew Ingram

2. The business of news beyond advertising, Janine Gibson, Renée Kaplan, Raju Narisetti, and Rasmus Nielsen

3. Investigating the Internet: using data from social media, analytics, and the web to find and tell stories, Craig Silverman

4. Listening leads to trust. Here’s how to help your newsroom listen better, by Jennifer Brandel, Tracie Powell, Andrew Haeg, and Jenny Choi

5. Funders confidential. Leading donors open up on their decision processes to reveal who they fund and why, Miguel Castro, Molly de Aguiar, Stephanie Reuter, Adam Thomas, and Nienke Venema

6. What should Facebook (et al) do for news? Jeff Jarvis, Tanit Koch, Jennifer 8. Lee, Rasmus Nielsen, Jay Rosen, and Craig Silverman

7. The future of the news, Jane Barrett, Riccardo Luna, Francesco Marconi, and Christophe Schmidt

8. My job is what? The rise of bridge roles in newsrooms, Federica Cherubini, Aron Pilhofer, Rebecca Quarls, Lam Thuy Vo, and Christophe Schmidt

9. Where millennial media went wrong, Federica Cherubini and David Cohn

10. Subscriptions vs. memberships. Getting the most from your audience, Gabriel Kahn, Ben Nishimoto, and Mary Walter-Brown

Also, Aron Pilhofer has put together this great list of tools and resources mentioned at his panel Tools for trust: a practical, do-something-now guide:

And, that’s it. Enjoy!

Grazie Arianna Ciccone, Chris Potter, Francesca Cimmino and all the #ijf18 volunteers and staff!

P.S. our panel on media startups, entrepreneurship and journalism innovation was not bad — check it out: