Optional config voodoo in Drupal 8

’Cause it’s *optional* config, get it? Tune.

Optional config

- views.view.content

Optional config whilst installing Drupal

* Implements hook_install().
function fubar_install() {
$view = entity_load('view', 'fubar_view');
$view->setDescription('The force will be with you, always.');

Dynamically altering optional config

<?phpuse Drupal\views\ViewEntityInterface;/**
* Implements hook_ENTITY_TYPE_presave().
function fubar_view_presave(ViewEntityInterface $view) {
if ($view->isNew() && $view->id() == 'fubar_view') {
$view->setDescription('Do, or do not. There is no try.');

Moar things for your brain

  • hook_install() can never assume the presence of optional config…but it can assume the presence of default config (i.e., the stuff in the config/install directories). That is always imported before hook_install() is invoked. EDIT: This is not true during config sync! See these comments.
  • In fact, you can never depend on the presence of optional config. That’s why it’s optional: it might exist, and it might not. That’s its nature! Remember this, and code defensively.
  • The config_rewrite module, though useful, can throw a monkey wrench into this. Due to the way it works, it might create config entities, even optional ones, before hook_install() is invoked. Even during the Drupal installation process. Beware! (They are, however, working to fix this.)
  • The config system is well-documented. Start here and here. This post is only one of a shitzillion other blog posts about config in D8.
  • This blog post came about because of this Lightning issue. So hats off to Messrs. mortenson and balsama.
  • Thanks to dawehner for reviewing this post for technical accuracy.
  • “NP-complete”, as I understand it, is CompSci-ese for “unbelievably fucking hard to solve”. Linking to the Wikipedia article makes me seem smarter than I really am.




Dispatches from the dimension of demented Drupalists. Also, assorted bullshit.

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Phéna Proxima

Phéna Proxima

Dispatches from the dimension of demented Drupalists. Also, assorted bullshit.

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