A quick update on my job and how it’s changing and how it’s staying the same.

Recently, I took over as the Director of Content for SkratchTV, which the TOUR launched just over a year ago with the hopes of injecting some youthful fun into the way golf is covered online. As someone who enjoys fun and occasionally golf, this feels like a very good fit.

There are many more changes to come as we continue to re-define Skratch’s voice and where it’s headed, but I couldn’t be more excited or confident in the direction that’s taking shape. I think you guys are really going to like what we already have in the works.

I’ll still be based in Ponte Vedra Beach, working amongst the PGA TOUR’s talented and quickly-growing Digital team. I’ll still be out at events and I’ll definitely still be tweeting this GIF constantly.

Excited for what’s ahead!


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