a short poem written after drinking a bit too much rose, alone in Provence…

Grey Beauty

Alone in Provence, France

Surrounded by beauty but without you it’s all grey

The cuisine is exquisite but without you it's just food

Wine is fabulous but all alone, its just a drink

The sun is shining radiantly but without you, it's just light

I miss you, without you all is grey, not that great

The music is dull, food needs more salt, and the wine needs more age

You brighten up the sky, liven up a room, make a meal become a feast

With you, the flowers are more fragrant, the air is fresher

The music would be a bit louder and beats a little faster

That wine I’m now drinking would just taste better with you here

Come and make my day a little brighter

Come and make my steps a little sprightlier

You complete me and make everything more worthwhile

Wish you were here, I miss you…


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