Stop, think about what you are doing

Stop…Think…then Act!

the other way around doesn’t work…

Dominic Rivard
Oct 5, 2013 · 2 min read

The pace of life, ever increasing in speed. The complexity of things and intricacies of often unimportant and mundane minutiae. Endless debates on politically fueled subjects.

Running to and fro after things that are not needed and worrying over other things we don’t have and events that have not happened. Countless other distractions eating up our precious, dwindling time, making us grow old before we have to and often not wiser.

Putting undue importance and reverence on vain pursuits down paths that do not lead anywhere. Making our already busy lives busier for the sake of unfocused and unplanned goals, often making us unfulfilled and feeling “empty” at the end of our course.

Perhaps we must take a bit of that time we fritter away to consciously tell ourselves to STOP, take the time to think and meditate deeply on what is really important. Take the time to “smell the roses”. Take the time to look around and appreciate the simple things of life that have been given to us without always having to add or subtract to it unless really necessary.

If those things are good, then be thankful for them. If bad, then learn, grow, solve them if you can and then move on from them.

Try just saying STOP, take a TIME-OUT, take a pause of what you are preoccupied with, meditate and really THINK about what you are doing with that precious life you have and the time left in it.

Once you have figured it out and perhaps wishing to steer yourself on a new path, actively putting those thoughts and meditations into sincere ACTION will make the difference between a life actually lived and just confirming what Thoreau once said; “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them..”

Which path will it be? Stop, think and then (most importantly) do something about it…


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