The Tale of Devon Rosete Vol. 1- The Ultimate Battle (A literary non-fiction essay)

Where do most great stories begin? A tough beginning where the main character has to overcome adversity and hardship, so you root for him in the end. Then you scream with such praise when he or she finally succeeds. While feeling as if you understand what he or she went through to get to where he or she is now. Well I guess we can start there; this is the tale of an ordinary kid with the most cliché coming of age story you have ever read.

“HEY! I resent that snarky narrator.” What?!? who the hell are you, and why can you hear me? I’m just a cheap literary device for lazy writers to use because they know nothing about character development and can’t think of tolerable dialogue that doesn’t sound like it was written by an emotional, pre-pubescent teenager going through that self- hating, I hate the world and everything in it phase. A phase I might add they will go through most if not all their adult life when they realize all their dreams they had were never going to happen, and that they would just end up being a lowly narrator for a grammatically atrocious late essay written by an irresponsible college student for his journalism class. Oh my god my life freaking sucks!!! “Woah man hey it’s not so bad.” What they hell do you mean!?! “I mean you could be a Donald Trump supporter. I mean nobody likes them.” I guess you’re right. I mean who in their right mind would want to vote for… Oh are you serious? This man has had so much press already, and he has nothing to do with you’re story you idiot. “Hey I was just trying to help you out! I mean this is a journalism assignment and it is important to keep up- to- date with what’s going on in the world, and what’s more relevant now than our 2016 elections.” I mean though can we at least put in Bernie Sanders somewhere in here then? I mean seriously that guy deserves a lot more than he gets from our news media today. “ Oh isn’t he just that old guy who’s still losing to Hillary; I could’ve sworn she got the nomination already and he’d drop out.” Really? You know what let’s just get on with your story already. “Oh right yeah this should be amazing, you’d better tell it right.” Fine let’s begin…

Devon to put into words, is a very odd enigmatic individual that psychologist could have a field day with. I mean he’s writing a fourth wall breaking essay that suppose to tell a story about his life which he hopes would entertain his journalism instructor, so much that he won’t dock him points. I don’t know why he won’t just tell his story normally, but whatever. To each his own. I guess you could consider me his normal more logical and reasonable side as well as his narrator. I kind of balance him out. Anyway, Devon though strange in nature he was a very reclusive and introverted through most of his life. So he didn’t have much friends if any at all. Of course he was constantly bullied which would explain his introversion. He never really trusted anyone at all. He was just a kid who was just a part of the background. Nobody thought much of him at all. He wasn’t a star athlete nor was he an academic prodigy. He was just average. He never really put himself out there. Come to think of it, he wasn’t really good at anything. Wow he was such a freaking loser back then, he didn’t even get a girlfriend yet to and he’s 21.

“HEY! You’re being an a**hole right now.” I’m just being real man, and are you censoring yourself in your own story? Give me a break man. “ You know what screw you man! You know what? I think I’ve met you before.” What do you mean you idiot? I’ve been with you all your life. I’m the voice that keeps you in check. I’m your voice of reason. I’m the guy that told you that you could never make it in music. I’m the guy that always told you that each girl you liked would never like you back, so you wouldn’t try and even attempt to talk to them because you would only end up disappointed. I’m also the guy that told you that it was best for you to pursue a career in law. It was the more realistic path for you. But you quit which I would never understand why. I mean you would’ve been a great lawyer. You know music is a one in a million shot right? I’m the voice that kept you from so much because I felt I was protecting you from getting hurt. “ No you’re the voice that has kept me from enjoying life for so long.” “You’re the voice that has always made me feel like I’m an utter waste.” “You’re the voice that has kept me from meeting people and building relationships with them, because you made me believe they were all against me.” “You’re not my voice of reason. You’re my self-doubt, and I am through listening to you.” What do you… Hey who are you? What are you doing?!? “ You know I’ve listen to your crap for too long it’s time I take over this narrative from here on out.” “Hey who are you? I’ve never met you before.” Well I’m your new narrator Devon, and I’m here to tell the rest of your story the right way. Can you trust that I’ll tell it right, and I promise by the time I’m finish you’ll know who I am. “Okay I trust you.” Okay here we go.

Now it is true what the previous narrator had said about Devon in his earlier years. Devon you know this to be true as well. It’s harsh but the truth. But what he failed to mention is how many people go through their awkward phase in their life, and that they eventually get out of it. And Devon was just a late bloomer. I mean seriously, he’s grown into quite the young man as of late. He’s well traveled. He’s pursuing his passion which is music and now audio engineering. He’s been a two-time serving officer of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society’s Honolulu Community College chapter, and he’s done a fine job with them. He’s been accepted to Belmont University’s audio engineering program. Which I believe he will do great at. He’s taken a great big step in bettering himself, and I couldn’t be more proud. I mean he won’t be alone though of course. He’s got great friends and family who support and believe in him a 100 percent.

Honestly Devon I believe you can do whatever it is you set your mind to, and that dream you got of making the world a better place with music. I know you can do it. Also don’t worry about the whole girlfriend thing man, the right person will come I promise. And it’s going to be when you least expect it. For now just learn to love yourself first. Work on you. But you are off to a great start man. Don’t worry I’ll be here from now to help you in that regard of loving yourself. You’re a great person man, and I’ll be here to remind you every morning when you wake up alright. Oh and by the way on side note, nice choice on the style of essay man. It needs work grammatically but it is a great idea. Your instructor is of going to love it.

“I think I know who you are now.” Really? “ Yeah you’re my self-confidence.” Exactly! I knew you would know who I am. “You’re strange, but I like you.” Great because you won’t be getting rid of me. “ I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Yes it is.

“And so ends the tale of a battle we all face and eventually overcome as we get older. A battle that’s not seen by anyone but by the individual. For you see in the end you’re ultimate opposition that holds you back in life will always be you.” HEY! Who are you? “ Yeah who are you?” We have enough characters in this story already. “ Why I’m Morgan Freeman here to close out this long drawn out essay written by an irresponsible college with a massive ego to think that I would actually cameo in this really dumb, poorly written story without being paid.” “Ooo I’m getting insulted by Morgan Freeman this is so cool.” Who’s this now?! Alright time to end this story before more people show up and make this story about Devon beating his self doubt even more confusing. Hope you enjoyed this story folks, and it’s only just begun. The Tale of Devon Rosete continues. Till next time…

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