Progressive Field — Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Cleveland Indians

An Open Letter to the Cleveland Indians:

Dear Cleveland Indians,

Thank you! Thank you for an amazing season, one I, along with every other Indians fan will never forget. From a 14–4 record against the hated Detroit Tigers, a magical 14-game winning streak, a Central Division pennant, to a sweep of the Red Sox in the ALDS, a disposing of the Blue Jays in the ALCS, an American League pennant, and an unforgettable trip to the World Series, all of us Clevelanders couldn’t be more proud.

Although us Cleveland fans just celebrated the Cavaliers winning the NBA Title over the Golden State Warriors in 7 games back in June, losing the World Series after having a 3–1 lead to the Chicago Cubs was heartbreaking for all of us Indians fans. This series loss hurt a lot, as it felt like someone ripped out my heart and stomped on it repeatedly. For the next few days after the World Series, you could tell how upset Cleveland fans were. Not necessarily mad, but more sad. For me, I see you as Cleveland’s team. The Cavaliers have only been around since 1970 and because the Browns left, not many can connect with this new Browns team. As for you, you have been around for so many generations and at the thought of our favorite team losing in the way you did, it hurt a lot of people.

None of us have the right to be upset. When Brantley and Gomes went out, everyone said you had no chance. Then we lost Salazar and Carrasco and everyone said you were out. But you all rallied together to shock the world. No one on this team ever gave up. Andrew Miller and the rest of the bullpen pitched lights out. Jose, Naquin, Lindor, Rajai, and all the other players stepped up their game to spark this magical run.

No one expected you to ever dethrone the reigning World Series champions, Kansas City, for the Central Division Title. They never saw you beat up Detroit in the way you did, sweeping the favored Red Sox in the ALDS, beating the unbeatable Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS, or even making the World Series. No one ever thought that just a few months from the Cavaliers winning the NBA Title, that on the same day we raised a championship banner, that you would be playing in Game 1 of the World Series. No one ever thought you would take the best team in baseball to extra innings in Game 7. You did it all, because you never gave up hope.

In the end, the memories that I will have of you, the 2016 Cleveland Indians, will last a lifetime. This season had its ups and downs. From screaming and running around my house after Tyler’s in-the-park walk-off home-run, from all the huge smiles after each win over Detroit, the tears of joy after Rajai’s home-run to tie Game 7, to the tears and feelings of heartbreak watching the Cubs celebrate at our field. Our loss might have marked the end of an incredible season and playoff run, but it doesn’t mark the end you, or your future. You will be back, better than before,hopefully with Edwin Encarnacion, ready for another magical ride in 2017, and many more years to follow. Thanks again.


David Schniegenberg

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