Curtis Samuel (RB)-The Ohio State University

Should Colleges Pay Their Athletes?

No! Paying student athletes is not smart for the N.C.A.A. or any university.

“Student athletes, however, can only receive scholarships — even as some go hungry… Many critics say it is unfair for colleges to profit off the backs of unpaid students; schools make millions while students get nothing.” states this absurd statement in a recent article on whether or not college athletes should be paid. In being a student athlete, they receive plenty of benefits which include: free education from scholarships, unlimited meals, and school apparel. So unless by saying “nothing” they mean “everything,” there shouldn’t be an argument.

If colleges decide to pay their student athletes, what is going to happen to the value of the university? As stated in an article in The New Yorker, if a high school athlete chooses a school because it pays more than other bidding schools, then the school’s values will be lost. Students will no longer pick a school for its rich athletic traditions, but simply to earn more money.

Athletics makes universities profit which they not only spend to enhance their athletic programs, but some of the money goes to education, among other areas. Without it, huge cuts will be have to made to the university. Paying student athletes would particularly hurt smaller schools because they don’t have as much money as larger schools. This goes back to the example of schools outbidding others. If a larger school and a smaller school both go after the same recruit, most likely the larger school would be able to offer more money, thus resulting in the recruit choosing the larger school. It’ll hurt the smaller schools who have less money because they can’t pay their athletes and in the end won’t be making any money for their school through the athletic programs.

Yes, teams making magical playoff runs earn millions for certain universities, but student athletes certainly do not deserve any compensation in the form of money payment. The money already goes to the athletic and education departments for student athletes to grow as one.

Student athletes should appreciate the perks of being one. They must not realize that they are already getting paid because they are going to college for free as their tuition, room and board is already paid for. A regular student going to a university to actually learn has to pay thousands of dollars to attend, where athletes get to play the sport they love and attend school, all for free.