Taste the Rainbow

A small, round, colorful, hard-shelled candy may seem simple, until the minute you put one in your mouth the flavors seem to jump out and swim around. These fruit flavored sweets known as Wild Berry Skittles create a perfect sensation of a mix of flavors, truly letting you “taste the rainbow.”

These bite sized candies include: raspberry (blue), wild cherry (red), strawberry (pink), berry punch (purple), and melon berry (green), all which contribute to a perfect combination of a variety of berry flavors. Each individual flavor creates its own fiesta every time you eat one. The raspberry provides a unique berry taste with a bit of tartness added to it. The wild cherry flavor doesn’t provide the overpowering cherry flavor that I’d hoped (cherries are one of my favorite fruits) for, but it still gives a nice taste in your mouth. Again similar to the wild cherry, the strawberry doesn’t provide an intense flavoring, say as a Starburst strawberry candy would, but it still is a very mouthwatering flavor. The berry punch truly gives a punch of flavor, but with a little less tartness than the raspberry. The last flavor, melon berry, definitely has a watermelon taste to it, but it doesn’t support its name because of the lack of berry taste in it.

The Wrigley Company has hit a home-run with this variety of Skittles that has been exploding with sweet, berry flavors in mouths of many since 1989. With its mouthwatering flavors, this variety of Skittles is definitely my favorite type of Skittles. A huge step-up from the Original Skittles flavors.

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