The Lowdown on the best monthly update EVER No1

This is for our investors, advisors, business friends and ambassadors.

A new advisor — Charles Arthur of The Guardian Tech Journalism fame, advised me to write a monthly update for those interested in our journey, thanks Charles, I get lots of advice, mainly crap, this is one idea I like and appreciate.

Each month I’ll be updating you all using this structure. Same headings, each month, so I hope you find them useful and interesting.

Last Month — November

Lowdown instantly found 1,500 profiles of people for our users this month.

I visited New Delhi to meet some of our new shareholders. Time well spent on the long flights writing up the plan for 2015.

We spent 2 full days focusing on the medium term strategy.

This Month — December

The focus is on final bug fixing of Lowdown 2.0 — ready for Jan 5th release

Focus on how we can improve the Engagement of our users, both new and existing — by implementing Kahuna analytics software

Lowdown for web v0.1 People Search — browser based system to demonstrate the power of our algorithm


What would really help us at the moment is if anyone can either introduce us to a large business that would benefit from Lowdown for Enterprise — Press Release due in Jan.

and Test Users for Lowdown. They need, iPhone, iOS8 and Test Flight installed.

Something Cool

Thanks to Person/Product

Flo — our marketing intern decided she wanted to stay with us for longer, she’s as crazy as the rest of us, so we’ve offered her and she accepted a full time role managing Social and helping with other business admin tasks. WELCOME Flo

I found a new service called OpStarts, which saves me loads of time creating and editing our Cash Flow. Message me and I’ll send a link.

Validation, Press, Milestones

IAN investment press release 1st ever investment in the UK and we’re very proud to welcome the new shareholders along for the journey.

HERE v1.2 was released. HERE with Photo HERE

Been using the Beta version of @lowdownapps — #Salespeople unite. This is the best calendar app I’ve used. This is esp great for travelers.
11/12/2014 15:30

Amusing (from Michael)


We’re creating this business as we have the skills and expertise and knowing that we can create mobile first services better than what exists today.

To allow professionals from companies large and small to save time and enhance human interactions by presenting meeting information, in context, faster than search.

There is an information productivity revolution happening, similar to the industrial revolution only this time computers are automating mundane tasks allowing humans to focus on more personal interactions.

Until next Month, I bid you all good luck and best wishes.

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