Idea: Swipe up on a Snapchat Story to view tagged user’s Stories & add as friend, or swipe up to view linked website / product / app (#4)

View Snapchat Story by Person B then swipe up on a Story when Person B recommends Person C to follow, then tap to add Person C, then tap anywhere on the Story to advance in that person’s story, then swipe down to go back to viewing the Story you were watching. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Snapchat today:

  • Snapchat of course has grown tremendously quickly and people have found out accounts that they want to follow by word of mouth. And that emphasizes how remarkable it is what Snapchat has enabled for people to share media that is so interesting to other people.
  • Also, popular Snapchat users have talked about the high percentage of people who have added them who check out their Story each day, and a lot of the Story posts are viewed, showing that the people who do find accounts to add tend to be very active.
  • People in Stories particularly perhaps among verified accounts on Snapchat mention the Snapchat accounts of other users. In order to add that person on Snapchat requires swiping down to go to the Stories page, swiping right to go to the Camera, swiping down to go to the Profile screen, tapping on Add Friends, typing the username of the person who was mentioned, and tapping on the add button.
  • Then, in order to see the Story of the person you added, you must swipe right to go to the Profile screen, swipe up to the Camera, swipe left to Stories, then either search for that user’s name or scroll down until you recognize the name of the person.
  • Then, if you decide you don’t want to see that person’s Story, then you need to long press the name and tap to remove friend.
  • So there’s a need to simplify this process of seeing recommended accounts.
  • Snapchat is very interesting for a number of reasons including a focus on full screen media. There is a need to figure a way for Snapchat to enable people to access more information such as about an advertisement.

Proposed idea:

  1. Person A is viewing Person B’s Story, and Person A taps to view the next Story by Person B.
  2. Person A taps to advance to the next Story and sees on the bottom an arrow up with a call to action such as “Open” or “View More” or alternatively the call to action can be specified by Person B when posting the Story.
  3. Person A swipes up to see Person C who is the other Snapchat user’s account that was referred to by Person B in the Story.
  4. Person A taps “Add” to add Person C as a friend.
  5. Person A taps to advance to the next story by Person C.
  6. Person A swipes down to return to the Story by Person B.
  7. Person A taps to advance to the next story by Person B. Alternatively, Person A could have swiped down to return to the Stories list to select to view a Story by another person.


  • Opportunity is to make discovering other users much faster than today including getting to see the Stories of that recommended person before adding that person.
  • Snapchat could enable people who post a Story and/or perhaps verified accounts to create a call to action where swiping up or swiping from another direction such as the side could cause a particular URL or another action to be available to the person.
  • For example, some calls to action that tend to appear on some accounts are talking about products / services available so the person posting could associate a link to a web store to access by swiping, and sometimes people refer to another person to try following on Snapchat and so swiping could load that particular person.
  • Note that if Person B is also friends with Person A, then this swipe up action will replace the feature of swiping up to chat back for any Story where there is an action associated with the Story.
  • Important to consider if the process of adding someone is made too easy and to watch to see if the people who are adding suggested users more easily tend to watch the Stories as often as people who had added those accounts in the current way.
  • Important to determine and measure at what point people watching Stories end up with following too many people such that watch time doesn’t increase.
  • Consider if feature may encourage popular users to promote other accounts more frequently and if that may decrease the overall quality of watching Stories because Stories may be more about promoting than content.
  • Part of Snapchat’s strength is that a high percentage of people create content including particularly among close ties, and close ties are probably the most sustainable part of what makes Snapchat important over time. So consider what impact referred accounts has on the consumption and interaction among close ties.
  • Consider limiting the ability of any given account to enable this kind of referral by swiping up such as perhaps only once per day or once per few days. That way accounts can still choose to refer to other accounts in Stories if wanted, but the improved flow for swiping up to view the Stories of that person may not yet be available.
  • Alternatively, the ability to promote other accounts could become a premium feature such as Snapchat getting paid for helping a popular user enable another user to get more followers, particularly if done for advertisers.
  • Eventually ranking may be required on the Stories page to stop showing accounts if a user no longer decides to watch particular accounts, and this may particularly be the case for accounts that the person followed because of a suggestion.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets