As a friend and business partner, DJ Skee supported Nipsey’s mission to own his art even when it required leaving major cash on the table

It’s an anomaly for someone to earn unequivocal respect from all circles of life, especially in the divisive world we live in today, but Nipsey Hussle did just that.

A true visionary, his only goal was to uplift, inspire his fans and empower everyone around him. In front of my…

Lil Boosie, Weed, & Why We Can’t Afford To Sit Idle Anymore On The Outrageousness Of Our Prison System While Others Profit Billions

Three months ago, Lil Boosie was finally released out of the Louisiana prison system. Since being arrested in 2008, “Free Boosie” has become a mantra in pop culture. In contrast, his critics have called this movement ridiculous, slandering his name as a hardened criminal who has no place in this…

Why Apple Buying Beats By Dre Makes So Much Sense

When news broke last week that Apple was purchasing Beats By Dre for a cool $3.2 billion dollars, investors, analysts and consumers were shocked at the valuation. Apple’s stock sharply dipped the second the news broke in after hours trading and steadily throughout the following day. …

DJ Skee

Founder: Dash Radio & Skee Sports. Billboard & Forbes 30 Under 30. Radio DJ Of The Year Award Winner. 1st to play Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Post Malone, & more

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