Modern Django — Status Update 1

Dylan Stein
Mar 7, 2017 · 2 min read

Status Update 1

Sorry for the wait on Part 2! It has been a crazy week. On Thursday I packed my bags and moved to NYC without a job. I had a few interviews scheduled and was planning on having many more. Thankfully, I ended up getting (and taking) an offer last night in a great Django startup!

So, I’ve been a little busy — Dylan

A spike in views happened on March 2nd. Thanks for the support!

In the past few days, the guide has seen a huge spike in numbers! Medium shows the spike coming from email circulation! Whomever is sending it out, thank you! Seeing those views (9k+) and GitHub stars (250!) has left me itching to get the next section up!

I am actively writing Part 2, but it may not be out for a few more days. The title of the next section is:

Part 2: REST APIs and Our First App with Django REST Framework

Based on that title, you may gather what is required. It will be a crash course in HTTP technologies, Django application structure, and Django REST Framework. To ensure it is digestible for new devs, I will be spending a GREAT deal of time simplifying these concepts! I hope everyone can wait a few more days for its completion as I continue adjusting to my new life in NYC!

Again, thank you for the support and best,


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