Now that we have a functioning animator controller, it’s time to accept player input so that we can actually pause the game and bring up the menu.

To do this, create a new C# script called PauseController. This will be a very simple script; it's 20 lines including whitespace, because all it needs to do is update the isPaused parameter of our animator controller. Here it is, in all its glory:

So far in our efforts to create an animated pause menu, we have set up the required UI elements for the menu, and created the animation clip that will drive the transition between the paused and unpaused states of the game. Now, we’re going to move ahead and set up the Animator Controller that will actually handle the user’s request to pause or unpause.

Default Pause Menu Animator

In our Unity3D project, click the Canvas gameObject in the inspector, then open the Animator window (as far as I know, there is no hotkey for this, but you can find it in Window menu under…

Following the setup of all the UI elements for the pause menu in part one, we’re now going to create an animation for the transition between the unpaused and paused states of the game. As a reminder, here’s a preview of the finished state of the pause menu, showing the transition animation:

[caption id=”attachment_152" align=”aligncenter” width=”825"]

Pause menu animating in and out with example gameplay in background

Pause Menu in Action[/caption]

Before we get started, let’s talk a little bit about animation in Unity3D. Unity’s animation system, Mecanim, uses curves to represent motion. Most commonly, these motion curves drive the movement of 3D models, but you can actually use Mecanim to…

Today, we’re going to start building an animated pause menu in Unity3D. We’ll go through setting up the UI, animating the UI elements, creating the animator controller / state machine to transition from unpaused to paused, and actually pausing the game in response to player input. We’ll even get into a bit of polish and shine by making the game visible but blurred while the game is paused.

Here’s a preview of the finished product:

[caption id=”attachment_152" align=”aligncenter” width=”825"]

Pause menu animating in and out with example gameplay in background

Pause Menu in Action (click for higher quality)[/caption]

Let’s get started! First things first, we’ll want to add a UI canvas…

Let’s take a look at some common problems and anti-patterns when using lerp in Unity, and how to correct them.

We want to move a GameObject to a target point over time, so we lerp between a starting point and a destination, using Time.time as the t value.

As discussed previously, the lerp function produces a value that is some percentage of the distance between two known points, where that percentage is represented by a number in the range of…

If you’ve ever wanted to change a player’s health bar from green to red as they take damage, figure out the damage of an attack based on the power level, or smoothly transition from darkness to light in your level design, chances are you’ve used a linear interpolation, or “lerp”, operation. …

Have you ever wanted to animate multiple UI elements at once in Unity? Unity3D 4.6 brought with it the long-awaited Unity GUI (or uGUI) system, and with that, a lot of potential for creating great in-game UIs. When building your game’s UI, you will probably want to animate different aspects of it, whether that’s sliding a menu in from off-screen, fading in text, or any of a number of other effects. …

I recently wrote a small Slack integration for my gaming group. I wanted to handle dice rolls for tabletop games, so I needed to match patterns like 1d8, d20+2, or 2d6-4. I wrote a simple regex to handle it, which could probably be greatly improved, but works for my use case: /(\d+)?d(\d+)([\+\-]\d+)?/i (you can play with it on RegExr).

With ES5, I probably would have done something like this with the regex match results:

With ES6’s destructuring syntax, it becomes…

I recently set up Unity Cloud Build so I could take it for a test drive, and while I was walking through the setup instructions, I came across a bit that was really concerning:

Danger, Will Robinson
Adding Unity SSH key to GitHub account

Please, please, please don’t do this. Adding an SSH key to your account like this is essentially giving the Unity Cloud Build tool unlimited read/write access to all of your repositories; you are in effect saying, “Unity Cloud Build can access all of my repos as if it were me.” Even if you trust Unity not to misuse this ability (most likely a safe bet, but…


Use the through2 npm library to pipe your gulp stream through Browserify, and use the babelify Browserify transformer instead of gulp-babel. Check out the gist

As a developer working primarily in JavaScript, my relationship with build processes can be best described as “hot and cold.” My expected workflow is thus: make a change in my editor, flip over to my browser, see my changes already up on the page without a manual refresh (thanks to LiveReload or something similar).

With that as a baseline, build processes that make me wait (or worse, do things manually!) can quickly become beyond frustrating…

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