Lying Down With Older Men
Anna Graham Hunter

I, for one, am happy that age is becoming less and less of a thing these days, and relationships are more about what is important: a human connection. When I was growing up, I had always been attracted to much older women; my GF was 27 when I was 18, and my first sexual encounter, when I was about 13, was with a neighbor in her 30s. And no, I wasn’t “manipulated.” I was stunningly lucky! And, as you write, it was as much about plugging-into each other’s mind as well as body. I remember her telling me about her job as a nurse and some of the things she had seen. I was sad when my family moved away.

Flash forward some four decades, and now I am regularly approached by women in their 20s, 30s and 40s despite my being near 60. It baffles me how hard I had to work to get any attention in my younger days, yet despite my rough edges (getting older doesn’t make you prettier), married and being far from wealthy, I’m sometimes overwhelmed with attention! What has changed?

I guess one thing that has remained the same, however, is a reluctance to bring the word “love” into the picture. We all know that sexual attraction has zero to do with love, and that love sometimes exists fully without any, but for me, I can’t avoid that heart-connection. That’s what emotions are; you don’t choose them — they choose you. Like it or not, I fall, and sometimes very hard. From the tone of the article above, it seems to me that love crept in despite your left-brained insistence that it can’t, shouldn’t or is somehow wrong. But love is NEVER wrong. It’s what we do with it.

Thanks for the unique insights!

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