I’m a College Student and I Support Campus Carry. Here’s Why

Very well said! I have always been irked by how “adulthood” is, often arbitrarily, doled out. For instance, you can take driver’s training at 16, drive without a parent or guardian at 17 (in my state), join the army without parental consent at 18. which is also when you can get married and start having children, sign a mortgage… and you can consume your first legal beer (or other alcohol) at 21… all rungs on the “adult” ladder. Yet if you commit a big enough crime (usually murder) at 13 or 14, you suddenly become adult enough to be tried in court as one! And denying adult students with permits their right to carry on campus is just one more illogical, arbitrary denial based on nothing more than the stereotype of college life made popular by movies like “Animal House.”

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