The 50/50 Delusion!
Anthony Portillo

“ What would your relationship feel like if you had no concern or questions about your partner’s love and affection for you?”

I am both in agreement, and yet questioning, your premise here. Let’s start with the quote above. ARE there “concerns or questions” about your partner’s love for you? Is there doubt? To me, this reads as a lack of confidence; a need for constant reassurance and validation. This is the opening for jealousy and mistrust, which is the way relationships collapse.

It also makes it about your partner and not you, which is really what you started out with: YOU putting 100% into the relationship. I find that attitude commendable, if your ideal goal is 100% monogamy and total commitment to one person. This MAKES it about you; accepting full responsibility to make your best effort. And if you truly love them, and convey that love in everything you do, then there’s no room for jealousy and doubt.

Love is an emotion and largely out of our control; we feel what we feel. If we could control it, it would be a choice. So “loving fully” is a gauge of how we feel. If this IS what you feel for your partner, then revel in it! So few find that person that they love beyond reason! Further, it’s even more incredible when that feeling is reciprocated. Cherish that! As long as you both are completely, 100% honest with one another, and freely communicating your thoughts and feelings, you have everything you need for success.

Just my two pennies, as I approach my 32nd wedding anniversary. :)

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