NRA Promoting Civil War in Desperate Bid to Keep Trump in Power
Ladd Everitt

While I’m NO Trump fan and tend to lean politically toward the libertarian end of the spectrum, I think you’re off the mark here. The NRA makes NO money from gun sales. Google it. While the industry certainly supports them, they make the vast majority of their funds through dues, member fundraising and sales. True story. That’s because they’re the gun RIGHTS lobby, not the “gun lobby,” which is the NSSF. The NSSF lobbies in DC for firearms/accessories manufacturers. Again, Google is your friend.

Next, if gun sales are so paltry and “sagging,” as you suggest, then why have a record number of NICS background checks and gun sales been recorded over the past 10 years? How is it that the fastest growing demographic of new gun buyers is women? Again, that myth of “sagging gun sales” is actually a lie, partly bolstered by immigration, which makes it seem as if the biggest portion of the population at large is gunless. A numbers shell game.

Brownell JUST became the NRA President, and the so-called “Ring of Freedom” does not directly donate to the NRA, but solicits DONATIONS from GUN BUYERS at the point of sale. So again, it’s regular people, NOT the “industry,” that is paying their way.

Being a political organization, the NRA is going to side with those who side with them, just as the Brady Campaign does, and political groups spin, distort and exaggerate to bolster their agendas. I suggest trying an experiment: fact check them. Fact check them all. You may be surprised to learn that the NRA does a LOT less distorting and lying than the folks at Brady, or “Everytown.” And if you value your gun rights, they’re still the biggest game in town.

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