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I’ve started using Instagram back in 2015. from that day I’ve used Instagram almost daily. and many of you must have also used Instagram every day. it’s all good in all aspects if we follow some limited accounts but that’s a rare case. most of us follow accounts of all kind. such as friends, family, companies, some accounts related to fun, some related to profession, some related to interest base and some accounts for self-motivation.

Scrolling through Instagram can be time-consuming when you follow hundreds or thousands of accounts…

A handy web app for both developers and designers to generate assets.

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Assets Generator

After moving into full-time product design, I got the opportunity to work as project lead and product designer on one of the side project “Assets Generator” at Iconscout. with a lot of expectations and excitement I started working on this project.

About Assets Generator

Assets Generator is a web app where user can generate assets for Android App, iOS App, Apple Watch App, and for more platforms within seconds.

Why Assets Generator

If you are a designer, you must have faced a situation where a developer asks you for assets in different sizes.


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Photo by George Becker from iconscout

We all are surrounded by colors 24/7. We see things and with every color we see we get different emotions. Colors affect us mentally and physically in many ways. To raise blood pressure, a strong red color has been shown, while a blue color has a calming effect.

Color is the easiest and most important aspect of engaging the user with the product in Design. Many people believe that choosing colors for the UI depends mostly on the taste and sense of beauty of the designer. …

As the number of readers is increasing day by day in this fast going world, it’s important to engage user on the page for more time.

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Photo by Lukas from iconscout

Recently At iconscout, I got to work on designing the blog article page. the aim was to make sure the user is getting a comfortable reading experience. experience depends on the way user read. so before starting designing, user research was necessary.

User Research

No one read at first actually. user just scan the information on the web. if they find something helpful then only they are going to read further. …

I am a Front-end developer and diving head into the product design.

I recently started learning to design and designed a few concept apps. but, to explore more in the design world I needed to push myself more into the actual design process. and at the right time, I got the project to design an app. but, the most challenging part was to complete the app in 2 days with the clickable prototype.

The App Brief

The aim was to design an app for a music festival which includes facilities that allow users to see all the events, find a particular performance, details…

It’s true that those little things, little goodness, little act of kindness, matters more than the bigger picture still it’s called ‘little’. ever wondered why?

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Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

We see all kind people around us every day. some are suffering and some are happily enjoying everything they are doing, everyone around us is fighting their own battle. so, in this busy world where no one has time to do anything for anyone’ and somehow you do something for someone without expecting anything return, ever wondered how much it affects yourself?

I am writing this from my own experience because I have experienced how these little things create positive vibes around us.

Help other’s to help yourself

Do a little good for people, a little act of kindness. we…

There is always something good in everything you leave behind.

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Photo by Aleksandr Ledogorov on Unsplash

Everyone go through some ups and downs in life, and i was going through the same as this is the most critical age of mine. So, i closed my eyes and started thinking, “what’s exact going on” “what’s the things i am forcing” “what has to be done”. To stay motivated i started reading a book by Vinita Dawra and that book taught me some really great things. That book got me to the point where it says,

There is always something good if you think in creative manner

As a kid when we first learn to write, an eraser…

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