How I designed app in 2 Days

I am a Front-end developer and diving head into the product design.

I recently started learning to design and designed a few concept apps. but, to explore more in the design world I needed to push myself more into the actual design process. and at the right time, I got the project to design an app. but, the most challenging part was to complete the app in 2 days with the clickable prototype.

The App Brief

The aim was to design an app for a music festival which includes facilities that allow users to see all the events, find a particular performance, details about the event and particular performance, allow users to book tickets for the event, allow users to find out general facilities and sideshows that are available.

Design Process

The client gave the requirements in just two lines. therefor all I needed was to list the proper requirements first and then get started with design. as far as I know, every design takes a proper procedure. so I started with research and brainstorming.

Research and Ideation

I have never visited any music festival yet. but I have heard some famous names like Tomorrowland, Sunburn and all. so I took Tomorrowland as the reference and researched on what things are actually done in a music festival, what kind of facilities are given, what kind of sideshows are arranged.

As there was the limitation of time, I noted every information that was needed for the app and finalized information gathering. Even with all the information, it was very complicated for me to arrange and divide that information. so I decided to go with the user flow diagram.

User flow

Many designers mention that pencil and paper is the best design tool one can use for effective design. and I also believe that using pencil and paper is the best way to get started with. so I started drawing user flow to get the idea of how many screens will be there and what will be the user flow.

Image for post
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user flow


I made my first set of wireframes as soon as possible so that I can actually start designing on the tool. Created a flow that works well with navigations and finalized the bottom bar actions. I intend to make a wireframe for every step to gives a sense of perspective and a clearer idea of the thoughts that was running in my mind.

Image for post
Image for post
wireframe sketch

Prototype in Adobe XD

Taste of music is different for everyone. Music describes emotion so does colors. so, I wanted the app to be colorful. I decided to go with gradient and here is the outcome:

Image for post
Image for post
App Designed in Adobe XD

What did I learn?

Being a beginner in the design world and doing a full-time job as a developer it was quite challenging for me to complete the app within the given time limit as I get only 2–3 hours in a day to work on something else.

Through this process, I learned remarkable things about what goes into app design. I learned that there is no shortcut in design, you must follow the proper procedure to grow as a designer, no matter what time limit is.

A big thanks to my brother Dalpat Prajapati for giving me this opportunity to work on this app and giving me little push that I needed the most at a time.

I still have a lot of learning to do. so, It will be great to get your feedback and suggestions.

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