Silicon Valley’s Unchecked Arrogance
Ross Baird

I enjoyed the article as it was a thought provoking piece. You see similar limitations in other industry sectors, such media. In 2014, CNN moved their last 2 weekday anchors outside of Atlanta, which is still considered their Global HQ, but not one of their flagship programs is housed at their HQ. For some reason, news, seemingly, only happens and can only be reported out of a few cities. As for the tech industry, Marissa Mayer discontinued the work-at-home policy, criticizing it as not being an industry standard for tech companies and in reading your article, there is sentiment that you have be physically in a few locations in order to create the best products. These companies should be looking at investing in various communities through education programs at the High School, Community College and University levels to create the necessary talented work force as well as opening offices outside of their hub and/or encouraging WFH opportunities to expand the talent pool and have diverse thought within an organization.