I am Julie ABISSEGUE aka Mossane Madiba Hope, an Afropean Changemaker Consultant for French and Pan-African companies and startups participating in this digital generation targeting mainly Afropreneurs, Afropolitans Afrofuturists Progressists leaders and influencers

Though I am Parisian, I was born in Bordeaux and am proud of my multicultural legacy stretching from France to Cameroon, Lebanon and Kerala, India.

I recently helped The webzine “ Inspire Afrika Magazine” launch a print version to reach a Premiun audiences around the world.

I am also the co-founder of an online shop, called “M&A For Ladies”, that offers a unique selection of second-hand clothes and accessories dedicated to young women fashionistas through a multicultural community. (Visit us at:

Furthermore, I am also a member for a new program by 
“Led By Her” (, a mentorship program to help women capitalize on their own skills and talents, understand what they wish to achieve, and put into place the necessary steps for her project.

Throughout the duration of the year mentors and mentees will draft and follow a short term and long term professional plan that builds on each woman’s strengths and experiences to enter a specific career path that will lead towards the realization of her entrepreneurial ambition.

On a personal note, I love the chance to taste different wines from all over the world and love chatting with people who have similar interests. I’m also a spiritual person and praying is something that comes from my heart !

Besides that I love my family, enjoy sports, working out, music and traveling!

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