The Growing Importance of a Hotel Management System

A Hotel Management Software plays a very crucial role in keeping the hotels running with ease and style. It is vital for all the daily operations of a hotel. It is thus becoming increasingly necessary for a hotel to get technically equipped and have a software in place to tackle the property management work. Finding the right system to tackle all the challenges of a hotelier takes a lot more than one can imagine. A hotelier or a hotel manager has to keep in mind all the little tasks that are to be performed on a day to day basis while also keeping in mind the revenue aspect of the hotel business.

A hotel management software should be well equipped to keep track and make sure the entire guest journey is well taken care of. From the moment a guest starts searching for a hotel till the moment they check out from their room, a hotel management system plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth flow of the entire journey.

Let’s talk about a few key features of an efficient hotel management software.

1. A smart Property Management System

The most vital part of a hotel management system is a Property Management System to make sure the front office tasks are carried out efficiently and at the same time saving a lot of manual intervention. It should be well equipped to carry out tasks like invoicing, booking management, check-ins, check-outs, etc.

2. Channel Manager Integration

A channel manager is one of the most crucial hotel management software features. Circulation is one of the real ways that little to medium-sized hotels can compete with huge hotel brands. They’ve turned out to be important to dealing with a property. When looking for a Property Management System, ensure that it interfaces with a ground-breaking channel manager.

3. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports & Analytics

Like any other business, hotel business also requires reporting of all types to make sure that the operations are well on track to achieving the goals. An efficient property management system will make sure that the hotelier gets daily/weekly/monthly reports like the sales reports, manager reports, account receivable reports, inventory availability reports etc. Through these reports and analytics, hotelier should on a daily basis be well aware of the hotel’s ARR, the pre booking patterns, reports of the revenue, taxes, staff activities etc.

4. Direct Booking Engine

Direct bookings are the goals of a hotelier in a longer term. It is true that online travel agents help a lot in increasing the occupancy, but it is also to be noted that they charge a huge commission in every booking they provide to the hotelier. Thus, a mechanism, to have bookings coming for your property through your own platform — hotel’s website becomes very important. It should be one of the tasks of a hotelier to be able to redirect their guests to their hotel’s website which already has a direct booking engine in place and also a mechanism to collect

Having said all of that, while choosing a hotel management system, a hotelier/hotel manager should make sure it offers all the facilities like front desk work, revenue management, channel managementhotel management system, reputation management, rate planning, rate shopping etc. under one roof to make their own lives easier.