Retrospective Of My Sprint at Cotta & Cush

I resumed at Cotta & Cush on Sunday, November 1st 2015. Before then the only place I knew in Ibadan was the Iwo road route as I couldn’t fly to Ife, and here I was, committing the next six months of my life which I was going to report and defend to lecturers in my department to a company barely a year old, in Ibadan where I have never been to, even when I had the opportunity to stay close to home in Lagos and work with a company 80% of my lecturers were quite familiar with. I was eager to start work to see what the folks here had for me in case I needed to hatch an escape plan.

I was assigned a mentor in person of Akapo Damilola Francis , lo and behold he was someone I had always wanted to work with but never had the opportunity to. Then onboarding was next, I was introduced to softwares and concepts used, I was also introduced to how things were done and KABOOM! the next day I was working on an app in production under supervision of Adegoke Obasa . I learnt a lot during my stay at Cotta & Cush from writing mobile apps(which was my major) to spinning AWS servers. My partner and I wrote two apps during my stay, my previous knowledge on mobile development came in handy also my coding style changed for the better as code reviews were taken religiously.

A very beautiful thing about my SIWES sprint with Cotta & Cush was actually seeing Cotta & Cush grow from within, it was like watching a flower blossom or watching the sunset over a beach, very beautiful and I made sure I contributed what I could to the entire process. Another thing that stood out was the freedom between co-workers and even the Boss , you could meet anyone for help when you had issues and be sure they would help. Upon completion of my SIWES program I realized I had gotten so used to Cotta & Cush and didn’t want to leave but hey, the degree won’t get itself so…

I’m a better developer today than I was six months ago, I’d miss daily standups , sprint planning and retrospectives, I’d miss Adegoke Obasa, Adeyemi Olaoye, Akapo Damilola Francis, Olawale Lawal, Olajide Oye, Dafiaga Mitchell, Olotu Dapo, Oghenetega Philip and Fagbamigbe Olatokunbo(The boss himself). My decision to go to Ibadan is one I’m glad I took and look forward to building up on it.