Introducing Todocol, a new way to receive todos (It is just like email, but for todos)

Youghourta Benali
Dec 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Imagine a world where Gmail users could only email other Gmail users, and you have to be an outlook user to receive emails from other Outlook users. This is exactly what’s happening right now with todos. Not only you need to be on the same platform but also you need to share the same project/list in order to collaborate and send each other todos and tasks.

todocol strives to become to todos what email protocols are to the different email providers.

a new way to receive todos

All that you need to do is signup and create a todocol address and then you can start receiving todos from your friends, family and clients using the same address.

Todocol will reroute the todo to the right todo app and to the right list/project

One todo address, multiple todo apps

You can collaborate with your clients, receive todos from your friends or even allow your significant other to update your “to buy” list without sharing the same todo list or even using the same application.
Todocol will put the todos you receive in the right place based on the identity of the sender.

What’s next?

Currently todocol supports trello and todoist, and it just allows receiving todos, our future plans include supporting more todo apps, and functionalities that will allows users in different todo app to collaborate seamlessly.


Todocol costs $5 a month, regardless of the number of todos your receive. You can start your 14 days trial from here:

Youghourta Benali

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