Good and bad, 
Life and death, 
Simple and beautiful
yet, still makes one feel sad.

Why something natural
That happens everyday,
Something part of nature,
Makes us feel this way.

Do we cling on to what we miss?
Feeling that we never had
Made the most of our time here on this earth
Which we complain at the same time that’s so bad

What, then, makes on cling on so much
With all our effort and strife
To something that seems to cause us so much pain
So much so, that some just take their own life.

What do we expect to get out of it
That makes us hold on
To fight the inevitable
That will come for all of us, 
no matter how weak or strong.

If we know that the end is nigh,
Where we dont even know when it is.
Shall we let go of this fear of death
And accept it for what it is?

Let go of this burden
That your time is almost up.
Be honest with yourself and live
As if your time is nearly up.